SaaS applications such as Microsoft 365, Google G Suite, Salesforce,, and Dropbox do not have robust retention and recovery capabilities. Yet, accidental, and malicious deletion happens. Your most important data is at risk!

Cloud Application Backup for Google G Suite & Team Drive

Cloud Application Backup for Microsoft Office 365

Cloud Application Backup for Box

Cloud Application Backup for Dropbox

* CAB for Office365 & G Suite have two plan options:

  • Enterprise: Must protect all seats. 50 GB storage/seat included for OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams or Team Drive.

  • Standard:​ Select the seats you want to protect​. 10 GB total storage for OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams or Team Drive.


Cloud & On-line Backup Service - Automatic protection for your data and your organisation

Backing up data is a chore nobody likes to do but is essential to the survival of any organisation.

Accidental deletion, hardware failure, fire damage, theft or malicious employees - any one of these could deprive you of your customer database, months of work on a client project or irreplaceable finance records . . . but not when Apollo Technology remote backup service automatically backs up your data for you.


Midnight - and while you are enjoying a good night’s sleep your computer is “waking up” and preparing a compressed cloud backup which it then encrypts for security.

Your computer activates the internet connection and calls the Apollo Technology cloud backup service.

After a security check is completed your backup is uploaded to the cloud server (data centre) where it is stored as encrypted data which means it is totally secure and cannot be read, even by our technical staff.


Apollo Technology cloud backup service uses the following three-tiered encryption process:

Local encryption,

Encrypted in transit during upload,

Encrypted at rest in the data center which is used by many of the world’s major organisations.

Your stored encrypted data files cannot be accessed by anyone, as only you have the password. The multiple layers of security in this system ensure that the only person to access your data is you!

All data is stored in the UK, these data centres are ISO9001 and ISO27001 certified

Customer Portal

The customer portal can be accessed with any browser and enables you to share any of your backed up files securely. Android and iPhone applications can help you securely share, access, and download backed up files too!

For those of you that would like us to handle the restoring of data for you, this is included as well


The answer is simple, we charge per quota of data. This is regardless of the format, e.g. databases, email or general office files. Apollo Technology also compresses your files by up to 90% before replicating them at our data centre. Please contact us for pricing or a Free 30 day fully functional trial.

The backup software can also back up locally, to any local device such as a USB hard drive or NAS


Installation is simple. One of our technicians will install the software on your server / computer. After the first full backup an incremental backup will take place automatically each night when any files which have changed since the previous night will be updated to include the changes. Rest in the knowledge that your backup will happen if you're at home or even if you are on holiday on the other side of the world.

To find out how quickly you can be enjoying the benefits of our Remote Backup Service call one of our account managers now or e-mail your contact details and they will get in touch.


Commitment to Military-Grade Security - The data centres’ are tier three and tier four.

The target reliability of each data centre is 99.9 - 99.99%.Data centre location: United Kingdom (London)The Features of Tier Four Data Centres - Physical Security: 24x7x365 onsite monitoring and physical security, including biometric identification mechanisms. Power: two or more power supplies from different power providers Onsite generators and reserve fuel supplies Bandwidth: Redundant 1 Gpbs (minimum) connections to the public internet supplied by tier 1 bandwidth vendors Cooling: Redundant cooling (air conditioning) systems Water: Redundant cooling water supplies Fire Suppression: Redundant automated fire suppression systems Data Replication: stores data redundantly within the centre, and/or offsite depending on deployment

The Features of Tier Three Data Centres Tier three data centres do not include cooling water supplies. They do, however, include all other features of tier four data centres.

CAB Supported Applications

CAB supports the following cloud-based applications: