Parent Partnership Device Scheme

Does your child need a device for the new school year?

Apollo want to work with you to be able to make this happpen. Our parent partnership scheme has been lauched to help provide a low cost device to every student in the local area.

Over the last three years Apollo has been working very closly with schools, academys, trusts and parents to deliver a hybrid solution that works seamlessly in the clasroom and at home whilst also managing an enhanced learning experiance for the children.

We want this learning experiance to continue and be uninterupted and so our new scheme is to help parents provide a low cost, safe device for your child to be able to continue learning outside the classoom.

More and more learning is now digital and this drive to encourage online learning is only going to grow...

Which Device do they Need?

We can help you decide which device will suit your child and their learning perfectly!


A Chromebook is powered by a lightweight Google Chrome OS to deliver a simple and seamless integration with Google that uses Chrome browser. Chrome is also very versatile and compatible across all platforms. These devices are small, durable and long lasting. They also run Google and Android applications such as Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Assistant, WhatsApp, and many more.


Windows laptops give students the flexibility and freedom they need to work on academic assignments anytime, anywhere. These devices are small and durable as well as having all applications such as Microsoft Exel, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Powerpoint.


Dynabook Satellite Pro E10-S-103

  • A1PYT00E1111

  • Windows 10 Pro

  • 11.6" HD Non-Reflective ONLY £150

  • Celeron N4020U

  • 4GB DDR4 (2400)

  • 64GB eMMC

Dynabook Toshiba Satellite Pro E10-S-101

  • Intel Celeron N4020 / 1.1 GHz

  • Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

  • UHD Graphics 600

  • 4 GB RAM ONLY £170

  • 128 GB SSD

  • 11.6" 1366 x 768 (HD)

  • Wi-Fi 5

ASUS Chromebook C204MA-GJ0208-3Y

  • Intel Celeron N4000 / 1.1 GHz

  • Chrome OS

  • HD Graphics 500

  • 4 GB RAM ONLY £156

  • 32 GB eMMC

  • 11.6" 29.5cm (HD)

  • Wi-Fi 5

Acer Chromebook 314 C933

  • Intel Celeron N4020 / 1.1 GHz

  • Chrome OS

  • UHD Graphics 600 ONLY £235

  • 4 GB RAM

  • 32 GB eMMC

  • 14" 1366 x 768 (HD)

  • Wi-Fi 5

limited stock available- please contact us for more details and availability


We have been working with schools throughout this blended learning transition and so we have chosen the best devices to enable students to access all the content needed for their learning that will also last for up to 3 years!

All devices come with a 1 year warranty and we also offer extended warranties on all devices so that we can ensure you have peace of mind that they are protected should there be any concerns.

We also have our own walk in repair centre which is always on hand to help you out with anything you may need including broken screens or missing's keys!

Device Management

Google Family Link and Microsoft Family Safety allows you to be in control of the device at all the times.

You can keep an eye on screen times and set limits (such as bedtimes or locking after 2 hours) as well as manage the applications your child is using and downloading. Notifications allow you to be aware of what applications are in use as well as approval or block apps that your child is wanting to download.

You can also manage in app purchases and hide any specific apps on their device you don't want them to use.


Please contact our Workshop for more infomation and pricing regarding these -

Carry Cases

Carry case range to include

  • Handles

  • Sleeves

  • Clamshell

Screen Protectors

All ranges available including

  • Privacy screens

  • Screen protectors


Accessories to include

  • chargers and cables

  • docking stations

  • phones, tablets

  • printers, toner

  • monitors

Keyboards and Mice

All ranges available including

  • Wireless

  • Number pads

  • back lit and more.

How is our scheme contributing to a Greener future?

By having the oppotunity for your child to work digitally allows the reduction of unnessesary paper and plastic waste in the classroom. These devices are durable and long lasting with a 3 year warranty so that we can make sure you are getting the most out of your device as well as ensuring we supply devices with built in energy saving features which in turn further reduces green house emsissions.

We also have our own Apollo Technology walk in repair center for all your IT repairs which means you do not need to replace the device. We will always do what we can to prolong the life of your device and increase it's speed in due time.

These small changes will make a large difference and by implementing this idealism across the company of guaranteeing great value for your money as we will not just replace the old devices with new ones until there is nothing more we can do!

We also ensure that all our partners share this ethos and are utilizing sustainable technology in the same way we are and so we set up frequent calls to discuss these added features and new ways to implement it further.