LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Essential

The New STEAM solution for Primary Education

Apollo Technology with LEGO Education products

As part of our continued dedication to inspire learners, we are thrilled to introduce LEGO Education SPIKE Essential.

A solution designed to ignite your students’ passion for STEAM learning through playful problem-solving and storytelling.

LEGO® SPIKE™ Essential's Submarine

Using practical resources alongside engaging lessons has shown to increase students' love and interest for learning!

We would like to help contribute to this aim and introduce you to LEGO Education!


Science, technology, engineering, art and Mathamatics are subjects which encourage practical learning and strengthen oral communication skills as students discuss their experiences collaboratively.

LEGO Education has provided a learning experience that not only encourages students to grow in the STEAM subjects but also develops their social-emotional, team-building, and communication skills.

What's included?

LEGO® Technic Colour Sensor

Detects colours and allows creations to react to their environments.

LEGO® Technic Small Hub

Create engaging, interactive models by connecting the Hub to motors, sensors, other LEGO® elements and Bluetooth.

LEGO® Technic 3x3 Colour Light Matrix

Individually program the nine pixels to create patterns and animations in 10 colours.

LEGO® Technic Small Angular Motor

The compact design profile and integrated rotation sensor with absolute positioning bring LEGO® builds to life.

LEGO® SPIKE™ Essential's Kit

As well as...

  • 449-piece set that includes a selection of familiar LEGO® bricks and replacement elements for intuitive and easy construction.

  • The SPIKE™ App, featuring age-appropriate icon- and word-based coding based on Scratch.

  • 4 relatable minifigures with diverse identities and characteristics to foster problem-solving and social-emotional learning.

That's not All...

The kit also includes:

  • The SPIKE™ App, featuring age-appropriate icon- and word-based coding based on Scratch, helps develop student coding skills.

  • 5 units of 8 x 45-minute, standards-aligned lessons encourage independent STEAM thinking through playful, narrative-based problem-solving. The online portal provides ideas and possibilities for your classroom and STEAM based lessons at your fingertips! No more planning!

  • Provides opportunities for supply teachers to be able to pick up the lesson where ever you left off!

  • Comprehensive teaching resources for each lesson give every teacher confidence to deliver engaging lessons along with the unit plans to support teachers for professional development

SPIKE Education LEGO® Carnival

What are you waiting for?

Get in contact with us today for a free consultation and we can even demonstrate the SPIKE Essential's kit

and the online portal for you to try!

Kick start your academic year having all your STEAM learning lessons planned out for you!

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