As a prominent IT support firm based in the Radstock on the outskirts of Bath, we specialise in delivering comprehensive IT support and ICT sales solutions tailored for businesses and educational institutions. Our services are geared towards providing dependable and secure outsourced IT services.

At our core, we boast a proactive and proficient team comprising IT support consultants, technicians, and help desk professionals. We are dedicated to optimising your network and infrastructure to seamlessly align with the operational needs of your organization.

Our offerings encompass a spectrum of managed services, help desk support, cloud solutions, and network and infrastructure consultancy—all meticulously customized to suit the unique requirements of your enterprise.


Our help desk technicians are able to respond to your logged faults within minutes by using our specialist remote IT Support software.  This runs quietly in the background on each computer in your business and does not require any assistance from your staff.

Our technical staff will complete all work remotely at your convenience so you have nothing to worry about.

The chat function within our help desk software makes it easy to interact with the user. It means that we can ask for a convenient time to remote onto their machines. We always ask permission so that you feel safe, comfortable and confident that we are only able to see the issue you need resolving.


Our IT Support service provides you with an on site IT technician on regular scheduled basis working within your organisation to carry out the routine tasks and managing your IT network system.

Our proactive managed service team will increase your companies efficiency and at the same time cut expenses.

Your account manager & managed service technician will work closely with you, ensuring you are kept up to date with the relevant technologies keeping your business at the cutting edge.

Tasks will typically include routine housekeeping of the computer system, checking the integrity of backup service and checking the events log to look for early indications of problems. 


Our IT break fix support service provides an on-site engineer or emergency telephone support for any unexpected issues. Our call-out support includes all IT equipment installed on the network. This enables you to call for assistance when any part of the IT system stops working.

With a large range of loan equipment you can rest assured that our on-site technical team will be able to keep your system running at full strength no matter what part fails; these could include switches, servers, PC’s, laptops, projectors and more.



Our aim to build great long lasting relationships with all of our customers is backed up by the number of customers that have been on our support service for many years. The trust and performance built is testament to the number of recommendations we receive. 

Our first visit will be about understanding your needs and requirements and your IT targets. We want to help you drive forward the IT in your school or business and assist you to know where you want it to be.

We  ensure that you feel you are in safe hands with us and that we really emphasise our staff's understanding of all of the key areas of development that are specific to yourself. These skills help us to build trusted relationships to achieve these targeted goals.

Create your 5 year plan 

We have over 12 years experience in making the switch from your existing supplier to us a smooth and easy transition,  The first job for our team is to run a full audit of your system and create you a 5 year plan.

The full system audit, which will give us every IP address, username/password as well as all the other relevant information we will need.

As part of the contract your account manager will also carry out an annual audit of all of the system to make sure you are getting the best value for money and your system fits your needs.

Recommendations for future upgrades and development of the network will be provided in an interactive document with example costing. 

24/7 Monitoring 

Our around-the-clock server monitoring detects performance issues early, enabling you to address them before they do any harm.

Our Server monitoring continuously tracks the performance level of your server. Giving us complete visibility of your workstations and servers and ensuring it's availability and health.

With immediate notifications, our help desk can quickly identify the problem and reduce server downtime to a minimum.

Report Any Faults 24/7

Each member of your staff will have an Apollo support request icon on their desktop enabling them to log a call immediately. We are able to respond to your faults that are logged from the users desktop icon within the hour using our specialist remote support software, which also has a ‘chat’ facility.

When a call is logged the staff member gets a confirmation e-mail with a trackable ticket number. Every time our technician updates the call the staff member will get an update of the job. Those who wish to be kept updated on all jobs (i.e. the MD or IT manager) can login to the system and get this information on any outstanding job. 

Furthermore if you do not have time to log your fault you can always call our friendly help desk team and they can log it for you, during opening hours.

Reducing your Annual Costs 

As part of our commitment to delivering the very highest level of service, we will go through all of your recurring IT related invoicing to make sure you are not paying for services that are no longer required and help you find the best value for these services.

Most organisations we work with have found this to be a very effective solution, saving them hundreds or even thousands of pounds during the duration of the contract. 

Staying Connected 

We assign an account manager to every customer who has a support contract with us.

Our account managers are technically trained and have years of ICT experience. They will visit you on a regular basis to review and discuss upgrades, improvements and new installation work.

This also ensures that any issues can quickly be resolved and recommendations on equipment are available to you on a continuous basis. 


We provide training with every solution, whether that's at our training centre in Radstock, on your premises or over a video call. 

Our training is an essential part of the solution we provide. The training can range from starter sessions to in depth sessions with our specialists. These sessions are all very unique to each organisation. We can set up one to one sessions for those who are still unsure or full staff training depending on what you need. 

Some examples of these sessions could include; the G- suite platform for education or business, Microsoft 365, interactive display training as well as cloud based solutions and CCTV. 

Contact our team to find out the full list of training we can offer you

Our Sustainable Solutions

We offer technology solutions which are carefully designed and managed with the environment in mind. 

We ensure that all our partners share this ethos and are utilizing sustainable technology in the same way we are. We arrange frequent calls to discuss new technology and introduce ways to involve our customers. 

We also like to share advice to help business's start taking small steps to make difference. For example, office equipment energy consumption could be reduced by 23% if all office equipment had and utilized low-power mode. If all desktop computers and printers were turned off for the night, energy consumption would be further reduced by 9%.  If every PC in the world were shut off for one night, the energy saved could light the Empire State Building for over 30 years. 

Apollo is also a valued contributor to the WEEE recycle scheme where we organised the collection and disposal of old or unused electrical equipment. Responsible recycling and we always guarantee to use certified electronics recycling companies to ensure the proper disposal of used electronics.

We arrange frequent calls with manufacturers such as Google and Acer. 

Another way in which we are contributing is by trading in old devices, our suppliers and special distributors offers are available for you to  trade in old devices (Apple recycles old devices to reduce waste, while also lowering the cost for next device purchase.) - giving the customer benefits for being sustainable. 

Google Flex is a perfect example of how technology is moving forwards and allowing us to prolong the life of old hardware in order to reduce our hardware waste. GoogleFlex is an operating system that can be installed on any old device and can restore.

Sustainable for us is sending the same engineer on your managed service visits within a certain area to reduce unnecessary travel and journeys.