Interactive Display Case Study

About St Mary's Church of England Primary School

St Mary’s Church of England Primary school, based in Timsbury, Southwest England, is an inclusive school that welcomes children of all faiths and none. They take great pride in celebrating difference and diversity, where all individuals are valued. The primary school comprises 150 pupils and 28 staff members, including teachers. St Mary’s Primary School cares passionately about the environment and protecting God’s creation, and all decisions made take the environment into significant considerations.

“[we] wanted ViewSonic boards as we have them in my other school and have been very impressed with the quality and  versatility.” 

Additionally, it was important that necessary features could be introduced and interpreted easily with teachers' busy schedules. 

About Apollo Technology

Apollo Technology is a leading IT support company in the South West of England, providing IT Support and ICT sales to schools and businesses providing reliable and secure outsourced IT services. 

Our proactive professional team of IT support consultants, technicians, and help desk team ensures that your network and infrastructure meet the demands of your organisation. It means that we have a wide range of skilled engineers on hand to provide hardware and software solutions that include monitors, projectors, digital signage, ViewBoard interactive displays, and myViewBoard software as well as network and infrastructure installation and maintenance. 

The Challenge

St Mary’s Primary had previously deployed and utilised Promethean boards and the associated software that relied on projectors to function.

However, they often found the boards too dim in well-lit rooms and frequently presented hardware problems that increased their ownership cost throughout the years. St Mary’s Primary specifically wanted to deploy hardware that was high-quality plus user-friendly.

When looking for alternative hardware, ViewSonic was the clear choice as Michelle Parsons, Executive Headteacher, says, 

The Solution

Offering the best package solution, St Mary’s Primary agreed to proceed with Apollo Technology to install the ViewBoard interactive displays throughout the institution.

With a total of six ViewSonic ViewBoard’s fitted, including five IFP7550 ViewBoard’s and one IFP8650 ViewBoard, it was important that the end-to-end process was seamless and caused minimal disruption to school timetables. The ViewSonic ViewBoard’s came equipped with soundbars and selected ViewBoard’s have mobile trolleys, which meant they can easily be transferrable between classrooms when required.

 “Now that all the boards are ViewSonic, there is consistency across the school and everything works,” explains Michelle.

A basic level of training and instructions were provided to St Mary’s to familiarise themselves with the ViewSonic ViewBoard’s. 

Touch screen with either pen or finger is a great improvement on the previous board

• Picture and video capabilities much improved

• Overall a much better experience for children and teachers with less time wasted

As well as embracing new ViewSonic ViewBoards into their classrooms, St Mary's Primary School also utilises myViewBoard, the digital whiteboard solution by ViewSonic, allowing teachers to enhance student engagement by inviting a new level of interactivity throughout the school. 

Moreover, Michelle expressed her satisfaction with the service received by Apollo Technology,

“A very efficient service which started with a site visit and was followed up with a very comprehensive quote and suggested date for installation.”

When asked if Michelle would recommend the ViewSonic ViewBoard’s to other’s, she simply responded,

“Totally. I would highly recommend it. I also have the boards in my other school.” 

The Result

A significant benefit of the new ViewSonic ViewBoard’s is the increased productivity seen throughout St Mary’s Primary, not only by teachers but students alike as “less time spent dealing with technical issues (i.e. board not working),” says Michelle. Furthermore, “a much better experience for children and teachers with less time wasted. All in one solution - easier for teachers and children to use - no bulbs or filters to replace or different components to connect. No calibration needed. Just connect to the computer and go!”

Michelle emphasises the incredible benefits of the ViewSonic ViewBoard’s due to its usability, software features and overall solution.

“The boards are incredible. Super easy to just jump in and use but also have advanced features if you want them. We have them connected to external Windows PCs and use them with Google software and Activ Inspire predominantly. Teachers and children find them easy and fun to use. The picture and video capabilities are much improved on the previous boards. The allin-one solution is just what we need.”

Other benefits highlighted by St Mary's Primary School of deploying ViewSonic ViewBoards includes:

• Sound quality much improved

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