Apollo and our Sustainability Policy

We all need to do our bit to help move towards a greener future

Sustainable Technology

Sustainable technology has a massive impact upon our environment from climate change to energy efficiency, materials, supply chain sustainability, our economy, pollution as well as waste. Sustainable digital technology is about ensuring that our digital systems are designed and managed in a way which minimizes environmental and economic impact which also allow us to contribute towards a sustainable future.

At Apollo this is a huge contributor to all of our conscious choices within technology as well as within our installation work and so we have many procedures in place to ensure that we are following through with our promise.

Lowering Our Carbon Footprint

In our battle to lower our carbon footprint Apollo have put in many steps in order to develop a more sustainable and eco-friendly way of running. Apollo has been researching and implementing this for Sustainable Technology Lowering our Carbon Footprint for many years and we are keen to make a strong sustainable impact.

We believe in reusability.

By re-purposing your old technology and turning it into a machine which looks brand new we can lower our emissions by saving the manufacturers role in creating the new devices and we can save you cost for needing to buy it!

With innovation and long-term planning we can invest in all technology that would help to your school run at a lower price as well as with a lower environmental impact. We create each individual school a unique roadmap which maps out the school's ICT infrastructure so that we know the make, model and age of the device so we can start to plan what is needed in 3 years time to make it a new device. This could be faster SSD in a teacher laptop when it starts to run slow or a health check on your device every year to keep it running.

These small changes will make a large difference and by implementing this idealism across the company we can guarantee great value for your money as we will not just replace the old devices with new ones until there is nothing more we can do!

How are we contributing?

There are also other ways in which Apollo are working more sustainably and our strive to get involved. We participate to the cycle to work scheme as well as car share where possible and all of our managed services are arranged by location to reduce the amount of fuel emission.

We also use WEEE recycle schemes for old technology as we believe that we are responsible for disposing of waste electronic and electrical equipment in the most eco- friendly way.

How can you help?

We know that sustainability is a very important subject especially in today's age which is why we are all making steps to be a part of a greener future. Firstly we make sure to work with brands and suppliers which have the same ethos as we do and have scheduled calls with them to see what is new and how they are taking next steps. One way is to utilise our walk in repair centre and repair over replace any old technology. This will reduce the amount of materials and emissions to make as well as reduce our plastic consumption for packaging purposes. This way we can utilise it's potential as well as save you money on needing the additional piece of hardware.