Elevate education with simple, flexible, and secure tools with Google Workspace for Education

Make collaboration easier, streamline instruction and keep your learning environment secure with Google Workspace for Education. 

Scope , Deploy , Migrate , Train Deliver 

Apollo Technology aims to provide an all-encompassing solution for integrating Google Workspace for Education into educational establishments. Our approach is tailored to meet the specific needs of each institution, ensuring that the unique requirements of students, educators, and administrative staff are addressed. 

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Discover the leading products that make up Google for Education, and explore how they can help your school thrive.

Give your eligible school community a suite of tools, available at no charge, that provides real-time collaboration and the ability to communicate from anywhere, and that helps educators save time managing their classes. 


One central place for teaching and learning—Google Classroom is an easy-to-use and secure tool that helps educators manage, measure, and enrich learning experiences. 

Docs, Sheets, Slides

Docs, Sheets, and Slides enable school communities to collaborate, cocreate, review, and edit simultaneously in real time. 


Assignments delivers the functionality of Google Classroom, along with the collaborative capabilities of Google Workspace for Education, as an add-on application for your learning management system (LMS). 

Goodgle Meet

Google Meet provides easy-to-use, reliable, high-quality, and secure video conferencing that connects your school community through classes, parent-teacher conferences, professional development, and more. 

Google Drive

Drive allows school communities to easily, efficiently, and securely store, access, and share files all in one place. 

Gmail and Google Chat

Gmail, Chat, and Spaces—previously known as Rooms—enable school communities to connect and communicate seamlessly. 

Google Workspace for Education Paid for Upgrades

Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals - Available at no charge

Provide your school community with a suite of easy-to-use tools to build a flexible and secure foundation for learning, collaboration, and communication – all in one place.

Key highlights - 

Collaborate in real time with Docs, Sheets, Slides, Sites,
and Jamboard.

Help educators save time managing their classes with Classroom and Assignments.

Communicate virtually from anywhere with Google Meet, Chat, and Gmail. 

Benefit from multilayered,
built-in security with automated capabilities that simplify security management.

Protect your institution with data and compliance practices that meet rigorous privacy and security requirements like FERPA, COPPA, and GDPR – and include third-party audits. 

Storage: 100 TB of pooled cloud storage shared by your institution 

Cost: Available at no charge for qualifying institutions

Google Workspace for Education Standard 

Building on Education Fundamentals, this edition helps schools proactively enhance their security with the visibility and controls they need to make their digital learning environments safer. 

Key Highlights - 

Prevent, detect, and remediate threats with the security center, including the dashboards, health page, and investigation tool.

Manage devices and apps centrally to perform audits and enforce rules. 

Gain more insights with Gmail and Classroom logs that you can export for analysis in BigQuery.

Track usage across your domain with audit logs for Drive, devices, LDAPs, and more. 

Storage: Receive the same storage as Education Fundamentals – 100 TB of pooled cloud storage that’s shared across your institution. 

Cost: $4 per student per year – receive one staff license for every four student licenses purchased. 

Teaching and Learning Upgrade 

Building on Education Fundamentals or Education Standard, this edition adds enhanced educator tools to enrich communication and learning experiences, and integrated tools for classroom efficiency. 

Key Highlights -

Connect with Google Meet – host a meeting for up to 250 participants or live stream with up to 10,000 viewers. 

Improve learning engagement in Google Meet with breakout rooms, attendance tracking, interactive Q&As, polls, live-translated captions, automatic transcriptions, and recordings. 

Integrate your favorite third-party tools using Classroom add-ons, including IXL, Pear Deck, Kahoot!, and Nearpod.*

Transform new and existing teaching content into interactive assignments using practice sets in Classroom.*

Get unlimited originality reports and check for student matches across a private repository of past student submissions. 

Storage: Receive an additional 100 GB for each paid license on top of the 100 TB of pooled cloud storage that’s shared across your institution.

Cost: $4 per license per month 

Google Workspace for Education Plus 

This comprehensive edition includes all the enhanced security features and tools from Education Standard and the Teaching and Learning Upgrade, and more. It provides the most comprehensive learning environment for your school community. 

Key highlights

Connect with Google Meet – host a meeting with up to 500 participants and live stream with up to 100,000 viewers. 

Reinforce concepts with writing and analysis assistance in Docs and Sheets.

Make information more accessible and easy to find with your Cloud Search. 

Create and manage classes
at scale by syncing Classroom rosters from your student information system.

Build custom apps with AppSheet Core – no coding required.

Get priority responses

from a team of education specialists. 

Storage: Receive an additional 20 GB for each paid license on top of the 100 TB of pooled cloud storage that’s shared across your institution.

Cost: $5 per student per year – receive one staff license for every four student licenses purchased. 

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