Connect The Classrooms

Connect the classrooms is fully funded scheme ran by the Department of Education (DFE) which we have partnered with alongside D-Link in order to bring your school a full wireless networking solution.

Our Tailored Solutions Provided by the DFE

The department for education are funding an education specific scheme which will allow you to provide your school with a full wireless network to be installed. We complete all of the installation work that goes alongside this incredible opportunity and so you can rely on our engineers satisfaction guarantee.

“A very efficient service which started with a site visit and was followed up with a very comprehensive quote and suggested date for installation.”

M. Parson Headteacher

Why Partner with Apollo?

We are always looking out for opportunities to expand the IT infrastructure within schools and education departments in order to drive the technology forwards and increase the efficiency of learning for both students and teachers. We have been working closely with schools for over 10 years and so we know that the technology is always moving and so we are tailoring robust solutions that are built to last!

When the opportunity arose for your connectivity and wireless infrastructure to upgrade for free why would we not be involved!

What to do next?

Step 1 .

Contact us ! We will help you every step of the way through the process.

The first step will be to gather your requirements and organise a site survey so that we can put together a comprehensive, individual quote personalised to your school!

Step 2.

We will put together a quotation for you to read and review!

This will then be sent to the DFE after your approval who will carry out the final compliance checks to ensure the quotation and ideas we have presented are the best value for money. This will then be followed by a confirmation for them to go ahead!

Step 3.

Once you have received this confirmation all we ask is for the order form with a PO reference and approved signature to be submitted and that's it! We will then be in contact to arrange all the in's and out's of the project.

We arrange delivery, installation, testing as well as follow ups to the project with full support from our management and helpdesk team!