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Our website services are conceived for businesses wanting maximum potential for their business. We offer web hosting packages that provides the latest in technology to a wide range of organisations.

We can supply you the cPanel and credentials for those that require it or we can supply the team to carry out your web and domain work for you all you need to do is tell us the end result you are looking to achieve.

Every web hosting plan comes with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. If you ever have a problem we have the support to back you up.

Web & domain hosting

Your company's own domain.

Allows you to mask the apollotechnology.co.uk domain and lets domain owners have own control panel.

Domains, Subdomains.

Priority customer support.

Our support department gives priority to questions

Web & domain hosting

Storage and bandwidth.

Creates websites that get a high volume of traffic and contain a lot of media content.

Google Analytics & Basic Statistics.

Insert the Google Analytics code and check the stats of your mobile website quick and easy to improve your results, know the number of visits, conversions, where your users come from and much more.

Web & Domain Hosting

Without run away cost.

Ready-to-use tool through a powerful Admin Edit Panel and a straightforward editor to make changes on your mobile website.

MySQL Databases.

FTP Accounts.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee .

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