Business telephone systems, VoIP phone systems are one of our fastest growing services with the versatile system that has huge flexibility and massive cost savings over other phone systems.

Get in touch with us and we can quote for a system with no cost or obligation to you or your organisation. We take care of the installation from the design to the number porting so you will not lose your existing number. We also ensure you receive all the training required.

Voip Phone System

The Phone System can be installed on a Windows computer. The software PBX can use windows softphone and standard IP phones, and also give you the flexibility of using the app on your mobile device to make and receive calls from anywhere. You don't need multiple phone lines just a SIP trunk and VoIP Gateway will be required to provide a full PBX solution.

Because the software runs on Windows, it is easily installed and managed by Windows IT administrators without the need for special telecom or Linux skills. It’s preconfigured to work with popular IP Phones, VoIP Gateways and SIP trunks saving you the hassle of having to configure and manage these devices.

Benefits of VoIP

Make and receive office calls from anywhere

• Slash your Telecommunications Costs

• One Click Phone Calls with Windows and Mac Softphone

• Unparalleled Mobility with Android and iOS VoIP App

• Plug and Play Configuration of IP Phones & Softphone

•See Presence of Colleagues

•Deliver Faxes & Voicemail to Inbox

•Instant Messaging / Text chat

Cut Travel Costs

Anyone working from outside the office can make calls free of charge - saving you significant charges.

Connect remote offices free with one seamless system.

International DIDs and IP Telephony allow customers to call you cheaply and increase customer satisfaction.

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Connected VoIP

Connect remote offices with bridges and eliminate interoffice call charges

Teleworkers or traveling sales people make free office calls

Save on monthly call costs using SIP trunks

Leverage WebRTC & reduce 800 number phone bills

Save Man Hours

3CX’s integrated web conferencing solution saves you travel time and money by allowing users to host web meetings and enjoy face-to-face communication wherever they are. Attend meetings around the world with the cutting edge WebRTC technology of 3CX WebMeeting.

Reduce your phone bill by 80%

Eliminate expensive Web Conferencing Services.

All 3CX users licensed free of charge.

Save on call conferencing costs.

No monthly subscription fees .

Choose the Environmentally Friendly Solution

The way we approach sustainable options for this phone system are endless.

From cloud solutions to mobile apps 3CX can be adapted to be as flexible as you wish. We can even remove the handset desk phones and simply install it onto your laptop or smart phone. Again this reduces the Co2 emissions further through manufacturing development as well as it being a lot cheaper as this is a free solution!

Its also encourage and allows for remote working meaning that no matter where you are the phone system can still be up and running and accessible. This reduces the need for unnecessary transport into work and so reduces carbon emissions.

The VoIP system is hosted in the cloud which gives a whole benefit in itself.